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 Kyuukei " God of the Sun "

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PostSubject: Kyuukei " God of the Sun "   Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:01 pm


God of the Sun

Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child.

+ Habbo Name: Hipman34
+ Characters Name: Kyuukei Seizuke; literally meaning Onion Seizuke .
+ Characters Alias: God of the Sun
+ Characters Gender: Male.
+ Characters Age: 33.
+ Characters Height: 5'9''
+ Characters Weight: 218lbs.
+ Blood-Type: AB.
+ Zodiac: Gemini.
+ Current Status: Widower.
+ Birthday: 26th May.


+ Planet // City: Saiyan Planet.
+ Characters Rank: Elite
+ Squad // Organization: N/A.


+ Family Name: Seizuke.
+ Famiy Insignia: Located in upper corner of armour.
+ Family Members:
- All Deceased


+ Colour of Aura: Red tinted yellow.
+ Transformations List:
- Oozaru.
- False Super Saiyan.
- Super Saiyan Jin 1
- Ascended Super Saiyan Jin 1

+ Personality Description:
Kyuukei, the Saiyan Elite has got a different personality than the other Saiyans, although he loves to fight. He will not attack his comrades unless attacked first. He keeps to himself and also keeps a steady additude.

+ Inventory:
- Red Robe; Attached to Armour.
- Elité Scouter.
- Black Kevlar Gloves.
- Black Kevlar Boots.
- Black Kevlar Leggings.
- Black Kevlar Long Sleeved T-Shirt.
- Blutz Wave Generator.


+ Powerlevel: 300 , 000


+ Technique List:

- [Universal]: After Image Technique; Zanzoken.
- [Universal]: Chou no Ryoku.
- [Universal]: Energy Barrier.
- [Universal]: Flying; Bukujutsu.
- [Universal]: Hana Gaeshi Kameha.
- [Universal]: Turtle Destruction Wave; Kamehameha.
- [Universal]: Multi Form; Shi Shin no Ken.
- [Universal]: Bakurikimaha; Exploding Demon Wave.
- [Universal]: Tsuibidan; Chasing Bullet.
- [Universal]: Chôbakuretsumaha; Hyper Explosive Demon Wave.
- [Universal]: Kienzan; The Destructo Disk.
- [Universal]: Dodonpa; Boom Wave.
- [Universal]: Shiyôken; Witches Technique.
- [Universal]: Shunkan Idô; Instant Transmission.
- [Universal]: Masenko; Demon Wave.
- [Universal]: Chou Makouhou; Mouth Energy Wave.
- [Universal]: Rôgafûfûken; Wolf Fang Fist.
- [Universal]: Taiyô-Ken; Solar Flare.
- [Universal]: Kikôhô; Tri-Beam.
- [Saiyan]: Power Ball.
- [Saiyan]: Shockwave; Bakurikimaha.
- [Saiyan]: Finger Beam; Kikouha.
- [Saiyan]: Galic Gun; Gyariku Ho.
- [Saiyan]: Big Bang Attack [ Super Saiyan ].
- [Saiyan]: Burning Attack [ Super Saiyan ].
- [Saiyan]: Final Flash [ Super Saiyan ].
- [Saiyan+Fused]: Big Bang Kamehameha [ Super Saiyan ].
- [Saiyan+Fused]: Ultimate Kamehameha; Chou Kamehameha [ Super Saiyan ].

+ Characters Background // History:
Kyuukei was born as one of the strongest within the Saiyan Race at birth. They have very high expectation for Kyuukei, deciding to leave him on the Saiyan Planet. When he grew to the age of 6, he was sent on his first mission to conquer a planet. He was sent with people identical to his powerlevel, which were Regular Saiyans, not Lower-class nor were they Elité. His first mission was a success, but at the loss of a Saiyan. The only reason the Saiyan had died, was due to the fact that he did not listen to Kyuukei. After arriving at the Saiyan planet, his Father was not pleased. Although, he did not care; he was already on his Fathers level. Kyuukei grew up a loner traveling from planet to planet. Even conquering a few. It is hardly known of his current residence.

+ Additional Information:


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Kyuukei " God of the Sun "
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