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 Tatsu - The Ultimate Warrior! >:D

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PostSubject: Tatsu - The Ultimate Warrior! >:D   Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:16 pm

Habbo name: Shoji. and mark626

Ic name: Tatsu
Race: More than Half Saiyan Razz
Age: ???
Aura color: Fusion of Torrick and Hatsu's
Personality: Vegeta Attitude [nuff said xD]

- Basic ki attacks and and combat techniques
- All of Hatsu and Torrick's Techniques
- Fusions of Hatsu and Torrick's Techniques

- Capable of all Saiyan transformations

Appearance: Torrick's hair style with Hatsu's hair color

Metamorian Vest, pants, and boots [FUSION OUTFIT for those who dont know xD]

- No need for transportation since he's only around for a short time xD

Info: The fusion of Hatsu and Torrick creates TATSU! The ultimate warrior!.....Or so he claims...
His power is of them two combined. He can go through ALL Saiyan transformations [but doing so would shorten his fusion time].

Theme: Saikyou no Fusion [Theme from the Japanese version of Fusion Reborn Very Happy]
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Tatsu - The Ultimate Warrior! >:D
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