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 Denayal, Bio-Android

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PostSubject: Denayal, Bio-Android   Denayal, Bio-Android Icon_minitimeFri Feb 26, 2010 4:34 pm


Name: Thebigtomo29
Real Name: Alex

Name: Denayal
Race: Bio-Android
Age: 26
Affilation: Neutral
Power Level: 1,000,000






History; Denayal was created to be the most strongest life form ever to exist.
However, during his creation, something, went wrong. He had exploded out of his containment cell, and was not fully powered. He had done this by himself however. He wanted to leave, he saw what he was becoming, and what scientists were doing to his body. After escaping the lab, he ventured outside for the first time. Not knowing his role, he tried to befriend many people. All brushed him aside.

It wasn't until later in his life, that he gained a true friend. He saved a teenage looking boy from near death. Sacrificing himself to save this boy, Denayal was struck with hard force.

After waking up weeks later, He began intense training with this male. His pwoer level was raised slightly higher over this time. However theres a reason for him not being even stronger. The young male was ambushed by the same men whom he had saved him from. He was savishly ravaged and beat up, and did not survive.

Many years passed, and Denayal was still in emotional shock. He ventured alone in a desert like area, merely trying to survive now. This is where that story ends... And now, his real adventure begins...

He now is in his 2nd form, after absorbing an android. His power-level has increased!

He is now in his 3rd form. His Pl is much higher. And he is much stronger!

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Denayal, Bio-Android
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