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 Hatsu the Half Sayian

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PostSubject: Hatsu the Half Sayian   Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:41 pm

Habbo name: Shoji.

Ic name: Hatsu
Race: Half Saiyan, Half Human
Age: 23
Aura color: Blue when in Base state
Personality: Has mostly a Goku style personality [but he's smarter and a bit more serious]. but he is also stubborn and prideful to a certain extent.
- Basic ki attacks and manuvers
- Sparking Bomb, A orbe of ki. Can be manipulated
- Sparking Cannon, Ki beam attack like the Kamehameha Wave.
- Sparking Barrage, Multiple Ki blasts directed at a target.
- Sparking Nuke, Strongest attack. Like the Sparking Bomb on steroids. If used with enough energy it could destroy a planet.
- Sparking Armageddon, Huge beam attack capable of destroying planets if used wrong. [or right if your evil xD]
- Kamehameha [Taught to him by Normi [see her part to see where she learned it]]

- False Super Saiyan
- Full Power Super Saiyan: Meaning he has complete mastery over the SSJ form, enabling him to go into it almost subconsciencelly and to be in it for a long time.
- Super Saiyan 2
- Ascended Super Saiyan 2
- Super Saiyan 3: Has trained this form so it doesnt use up energy like crazy.
- Ascended Super Saiyan 3

Other forms:
- Oozaru
- Golden Oozaru: Pretty much his strongest form since he cant go SSJ4.


Brown Spikey Hair, Black eyes, Muscular build.

Blue gi with black weighted shirt under it, along with a black belt, boots, and wrist gaurds. Wraps tail around his waiste so sometimes it looks like he has a furry belt xD.

-Large pod that can seat three people [More if someone sits in the Cargo area xD] with Black with Blue flames paintjob Very Happy

Info: Hatsu lives in Yanzibit Height. He spends most of his time training and furthering his abilities. He also lives with a spider like humanoid named Normiai who is..basically his adopted daughter [though she's an adult too due to she ages a bit diffrently]. Hatsu's friends include;
Torrick, a Saiyan who originally came to conquer earth.
Appan, Torrick's partner and mate Razz
and Marick, their son
And some others.

Even though Hatsu lives out in the middle of nowhere [practically], he does have an education, having read many books and is knows alot about past warriors [Such as Goku or villians like Cell]. If he is not training, he's either reading, walking around, eating, sleeping, or playing that damn psp xD.

;;Companion [NPC];;

Name: Normiai
Age: 10 years old
Species: Hybrid of Izzeu [a custom race made by Fike], Saiyan, and Human [due to Hatsu being half human]
Personality: Nice, Smart, Immature [xD], Easy to anger though.
Aura color: Gold
- Hatsu's Techniques
- Torrick's Techniques
- Can create clothing from a silk like substance from her mouth.
- Spitting a sticky web like substance that could bind enemies.
- Spitting an acidic substance that can blind opponents.
- Basic Ki and combat techniques.
- Sparking Bullets, A move she created, basically several beams being shot in rapid succesion like a machine gun.
- Sparking Bullet, Basically the same move but just shot one at a time.
- Sparking Whip, Another move she created, made while she trained in the Hyperbolic time Chamber for five years.
- Sparking Eyes, Basically an eye beam attack
- Kamehameha [learned from watching Marick do it once]

- "Black Widow" form: called that due to her black coloration when in the form. Her aura also turns blood red.
- True Form: A form that releases all of her power. In this form she's brutally agressive, attacking friend and foe alike since she cant control it. In it, a thick armour like exoskeleton covers her entire body. A face plate like part covers her face also [like Cooler's final form] that then seems to break and become mandibles. Her power is over SSJ4 in this form.

Appearance: She has Cream colored skin with tan exoskeleton [Like Cell having green, dont really know how else to discribe it xD]. she has Janemba like horns but shorter and has four red spider like "eyes" on the top of her head. The front part of her body shows the skin of her abdomen and chest [which now she has a reason to wear clothing now]. Her skin is also showing on her face, hands, and feet. There are four small spots on her back that, if she wills it, will grow four spider leg like appendages for attack or better manuverability.

Clothing: Gi of her own making

Casual: Various human clothes

Transportation: Same vehicle as Hatsu.

Info: Normi is of a race of Spider like humanoids that usually are mixed with other races. She lives with Hatsu in Yanzibit Hights, and trains with him sometimes. She recently got a job delivering stuff for a company [since she can fly and is fast, they gave her deliveries that are over in other cities] and is pretty much the only one making income in the house. She's usually near Hatsu, and when she's not she's by herself or with Torrick and the others. Her favorite place to go to think is the moon xD.

Theme for both: Marugoto

Normi's true from theme song: Papercut by Linkinpark

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PostSubject: Re: Hatsu the Half Sayian   Fri Mar 12, 2010 2:24 pm



Name: Spera [pun on Asperagus Very Happy]
Relation: Father
Age: In his 50's
Aura Color: Blue in base
Personality: Calm, Kind.
Appearance: Looks like an older Hatsu, cept with a beard and black hair.
Clothing: White shirt with black pants and brown shoes.

Info: Hatsu father. Came to earth from the refugee planet and eventually fell in love with a woman, named Arata after meeting her in a tournement he was entering, later marrying her. They had a son together who they named Hatsu. After the death of Arata, he raised Hatsu himself, training him to fight and also teaching him until he started learning stuff by himself. Later when Hatsu was a teenager, Spera heard that his own father, Roccol, was conquering or destroying planets. He set off to face his father leaving Hatsu by himself [who was at that time old and strong enough to look after himself]. He was killed by Roccol though, who had gained Immortality via the mythical objects known as the Dragonballs from planet Namek, leaving Hatsu alone. He was later brought back by Hatsu's friend Torrick and now lives in another city, looking over Normi's younger brother, Roth.

Name: Arata
Relation: Mother
Age: 33 at the time of death
Aura Color: None. She wasnt a fighter.
Personality: Cheerful, Happy, Loving.
Appearance: Blue eyes, Brown long hair.

Info: Hatsu's Mother. Was born in the city. Met Spera when she went to watch a tournement [she's was not a fighter but she did enjoy watching] and they fell in love after that. A few years after having Hatsu he passed from a desease. She's still dead, Spera commenting that she wouldnt want to be brought back.

Name: Roccol [pun on Broccoli Razz]
Relation: Grandfather
Age: over 80
Aura Color: Blue in base
Personality: Evil, Ruthless, Greedy
Appearance: Appears like Hatsu's father but older and white, longer hair.


Info: Hatsu's evil Grandfather. Wished for immortality and conquered [and destroyed] many planets. Killed Spera, his own son, when he tried to stop him.
Land on earth years afterwards to conquer it only to meet his grandson, Hatsu, and his friends. After a long fight [and killing Hatsu], he was launched intot he sun and trapped there. Due to be immortal he could not die, but luckily due to the sun burning him so quickly his nerves did not have time to heal so he felt no pain while trapped. Years later he was wished back by his lackeys and tried ot take revenge, only to be stopped by Normi and Marick. After Roccol severly injured Marick, Normi transformed into her true form and proceeded to toture the immortal old man with many wounds that would normally cause death, to the point where Roccol's mind finally broke under the pain. He agreed to Marick's demands to reverse his wish just as long as Marick kept Normi away from him, since he now fears her. His status is currently unknown.
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Hatsu the Half Sayian
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