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 Torrick: A Warrior Reborn..

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PostSubject: Torrick: A Warrior Reborn..   Torrick: A Warrior Reborn.. Icon_minitimeTue Mar 02, 2010 4:45 pm

Habbo name: mark626

Ic name: Torrick

Race: Full Saiyan

Age: 29

Aura color: Silver

Personality: He has extream saiyan pride, which makes him very cocky, on the surface, he appears to be a jerk, on the inside is a differnt story, he useally has feeling for
people, and cares about peopel more then they know, he hides it, making that his stronge suit, making him hard to figure out.

After Image
Twelve Eyes (Solid replicated clones via ki energy)
Hell Fire (A Ki beam equal to that of a Kamekameha Wave, it is dispersed like Galac gun, or final flash, with the hand flat and, the palm out.)
Raging Fire (Small charged ki blasts fired at an extreamly fast rate, letting off at least fifteen blasts a second)
Finishing Fire (An extreamly high amount of Ki focused into one large Ki beam, being highly devastating and, capable of destroying planets.)
Various combos and, hand to hand combat moves.

- Oozaru
- Golden Oozaru ( 1 through 3 )
- False Super Sayian
- Super Sayian
- Ascended Super Saiyan (Vegeta's "Super Vegeta" Form)
- Ascended Super Saiyan form 2 (Trunk's "Ultra Saiyan" form)
- Super Sayian 2
- Ascended Super Saiyan 2
- Super Saiyan 3
- Super Saiyan 4

Torrick: A Warrior Reborn.. TorrickGoku

SSJ/SSJ2(excluding the spiker hair)
Torrick: A Warrior Reborn.. NewSSJTorrick

Ascended SSJ2
Torrick: A Warrior Reborn.. AscendedSaiyanTorrick


Other: Black and, brown Saiyan Armour, (Shoulder Pads) long sleeve with white gloves, long pants, with white boots.
With a clear (transparent) scouter.

His old Saiyan pod, flying and, if needed can, hitch a ride with his friend Hatsu.

Torrick was born on the saiyan reffuge planet, He was named after his Grandfather, who's first child, was the father of Broly.
His grandfather also made the reffuge planet, While his first son, had left his father, in disgust because his father thought that if
they were to come out of hiding, or go after Frieza, It would sertenly draw attention and, bring the Saiyan race, to extinction.
Years later, the planet has become populated and, people have began leaving it, in search of new homes, and new conquests.
These new years also brought alonge Torrick's father, whom was the youngest of the bunch. At the time, Torricks grandfather, reaching his death
he was living to about 160 and, new it was time for him to have a son. That was willing enough to lead the planet and, be with in his trust.
Torrick's father, Furrick (A blend of Future Torrick) bringing a nice tone to the planet, keeping it under control, but those few wanting and,
desiring to leave, were let be and, able to leave, eventually, Furrick had his own son naming him after his father. Torrick was born,
This son ending up being a lower class warrior, but served a good purpose, Torrick grew up being the best in the league, fighting and, sparring any chance he got,
Torrick became ubsessed with power, and asked his father for permision to leave the planet. His father granted him the chance to gain more, Torrick and, his partner Appan left the planet with power in their sights.

After leaving the planet, Torrick saught out the best opertunitys for a good fight, killing many and, destroying his share of worlds, he came across a planet, in which he was hired to over throw, Torrick did the job in two days and, left the world headed back with his partner, to meat his employer, Lord Marrin, a Dahan-Jin hell bent on gaining ultimate control. When reaching Lord Marrins quaters, Marrin wished Torrick good luck on the next job, Marrin then pointed out Appan's flaws and, disibilitys compared to Torrick, after which Appan became enraged lashing out at Torrick and, Marrin both, Torrick calmy subdued Appan. Appan cursed at Marrin and, attempted to leave the room, only to be shot in the back with a Ki beam leading out of Marrin's finger tip. The Ki beam struck Appan in the mid back, Severing his spine, and headed into his heart. Torrick left the room enraged and, whent back to the new planet that he and, Appan had just taken control over, and transformed into Oozaru, leaving a devastating mark on the planet and, leaving Lord Marrin, to clean it up. After which, Torrick saught out as many fighters as he could, devastating planets,
on his lone rampage.

After so many planets left in carnage, he came across the planet Earth, where he found out, many of the saiyans had left to. when he first landed on the planet, Torrick ran into a Half-Saiyan, who he called a 'mutt' and, proceeded to attack. Torrick was victorious after a small battle, the next day, Torrick watched over the Half-Saiyan and, proceeded to come up with a plan to use the Half-Saiyan to his advantege. The Half-Saiyan proceeded to stop a bank robery, where the bank robbers got away. Hours later, the thugs returned with thier friends, whom one of them, had a decent powerleval, Torrick stepped in destroying them all in a matter of seconds.
Torrick offered the Half-Saiyan, whom he found out was named Hatsu, a training partner, and some days out sparring, Torrick left Hatsu with the choice. The next day, Torrick whent back to Hatsu, Hatsu agreed but, hastely. Torrick took Hatsu to a mountainess area that he landed in, he then whent into his ship, and activated a homing device. Seconds later, Appan's old ship appeard in the sky, landing down to earth for Hatsu's use. They left earth in destination of an old planet that Torrick had enslaved for his use, the bug like creatures served a large purpose for Torrick, and that was to solve the puzzel of becoming super saiyan. Minutes after landing, the planet leader, had apprently planned to rebel against Torrick. The leader unleashed giant beast versons of the small bugs, that would overwhelm Torrick and, Hatsu, the two both whent False Super Saiyan trying to fend off the beasts, but soon became compleatly aware thier was too many of them, Torrick then seemingly got ate by the last beast standing,
shortly after, the beast's belly was then growing a gold yellow and, the beast burst out in peices, Torrick then imerged from the carnage with, his hair flickering off and on, as gold, and his eye flickering aqua blue, it then stoped shortly after.

Torrick and, Hatsu whent on to find new Armour, considering theirs, was compleatly destroyed. Torrick knew of only one person that had it, Lord Marrin. Apon arival of the planet, Torrick and, Hatsu were surounded by guards, whom Hatsu told, that Torrick was a Super Saiyan, The guards were in amazment, and took them to Lord Marrin. Apon reaching Lord Marrin, Lord Marrin was outraged, and sent his royal guard, Grundie (Green verson of Dodoria) to deal with them. Torrick and, Hatsu woke up in a medical like room, were they were chained down by heavy equipment, a guard let them go, telling them that Marrin had become compleatly insane and, was trying to find a Super Saiyan, to enslave. The guard was then hit by a ki blast, that was sent out by Grundie, Hatsu cut grundie's efforts short quickly, the two Saiyans then headed to find marrin, where Marrin was prepared, and launched the two out of the room, they flew outside onto the planet surface were Torrick, Hatsu and, Marrin Continued to fight. Marrin transformed into his final form and proceeded to beat Hatsu, while Torrick layed unconcious from a blow to the neck. Hatsu used his Sparking Nuke, and hit Marrin dead on. Marrin seemed unfaised by this. Hatsu colapsed from loss of energy. Marrin whent on to attack Hatsu, shortly after Torrick awoke and, instantly appeared next to Marrin and, proceeded to attack him. Marrin tossed him aside, and told Torrick that he was going to witness anouther partner's death. Torrick became enraged, and knocked Marrin away from Hatsu, Torrick then started to raise his power leval dramaticly transforming into Super Saiyan. He quickly killed Marrin, and left the planet with Torrick, and the armour they came for.

Apon arival of coming back home, Hatsu left to go be with his earth friends, Torrick continued on with his training, debating about his quest for power, and how he is with his standerds on destroying things. Later, a bio android challenged Torrick to a fight, the fight lasted hours, with Torrick powering up to Ascended SSJ2 leval 2 and, the anroid eventually used self destruct to attempt killing Torrick. Torrick survived, emerging from it a Super Saiyan 2. The anroid used his regeneration, and proceeded to attack Torrick. Torrick continued to withstand him, eventually using Finishing Fire, wich subdued the Bio Android named Dynayal. Dynayal used one last attempt to kill Torrick, a ki beam to the cheast, this only ended up going muscle deep and, Torrick came out of it wounded. Torrick instant transmissioned with the dying Dynayal and, made a barrial for him, Dynayal passed and, Torrick burried him in Yanzabit Hieghts. A Namekian friend of Torrick's named Vetsa, healed him. Torrick was restored, and quickly whent to the bar and, grill, for some relaxsation and, food.

Torrick learns of a new threat headed to earth, a Legendary Super Saiyan named Razden.
When Razden arived, Torrick was ready for him. The two fought for hours, Torrick not making a mark on him. Torrick then powered up over SSJ2, and whent into Ascended SSJ2. He then continued to fight Razden. Razden then tried to explain to Torrick that he wasn't evil. Torrick ignored Razden's claims, Torrick told the Saiyan, if he really wasn't he'd block his attempts to destroy the world. Torrick then appeared high above the city charging his finishing fire. Razden told Torrick he was foolish, and began charging his own attack to deflect it, Razden put all his energy into the attack, Torrick then launched his own, as well did Razden, as the two blasts colided it appeared that the Finishing Fire was over whelmed and pushed back to Torrick. Torrick was no were in sight, Then Torrick Instantly Appeared behind Razden, Where Torrick put all he had into a punch, and hit him in the neck, where this caused significant dammage to the powered down Razden, and Razden was defeated, Torrick put Razden back in his ship, and put it on autopilot to fly away from earth.

Torrick Hatsu, and a new girl named, Lexi, whent off to planet namek for some training. Namek actually being a planet that, Torrick rampaged through viciously before. Once on the planet. Torrick had an encounter with a local that he nearly killed and, had beheaded the Namek's father infront of. Torrick snapped and, powered up rampently, he whent into a Broly like state, and whent on a rampage. Hatsu fought him for a good while, The Namekains eventually stepped in, whilest Inside of Torrick's mind, it seemed as if he was battling with him self. The evilness of Torrick and, The good side. The namekians, and, hatsu mannaged to subdue the Legendary Torrick like beast. Torrick was left badly wounded, and was healed by the very namek, that he nearly killed years ago.
Torrick and his freinds left Namek and headed back to earth. Were a pet that was coughed up by anouther BioAndroid, that Hatsu kept by him, Named Normi, had transformed into a new verson of Normi and, whent on to become a new friend to the group. (check Hatsu's bio for a decription of Normi)

A new BioDroid named, Brood, attacked the group and, left them badly dammeged. Hatsu and, Torrick then used Fusion, to become Tatsu. Tatsu transformed into SSJ3 where, they used Finishing Nuke on Brood to send him into the sun (or so it seems).

A few days later, a saiyan lands on earth, and tells the group of his immortality, Torrick attacks not beliving him but, is quickly proved wronge. This saiyan by the name of Roccol, proceeds to tell Torrick and, Hatsu that he is related to Hatsu, that he is actually Hatsu's grandfather. The fight continues, eventually leading to Torrick and, Hatsu fusing into Tatsu, Roccol makes short of their efforts, and eventually they are forced to split at this, Hatsu would be unconsious. Torrick snaps, going into his Legendary SSJ form once again, this time aiming his power, right at Roccol. Torrick drains his energy into a Finishing Fire attck, this would send Roccol out of the atmosphear and, into space pushing him into the sun, were the burning pain would be to great for Roccol to be able to move, leaving him trapped for ever to burn. (During this time period, Normi would change AGAIN into her teen form)

Normi's father decides to show up giving her a purple robe, shortly after, her father would ascend up to a ship, wherest a being similer to normi's first stage
would proceed to eat his cranium and, continue on through the body. Eventually this being would come to were Torrick, Hatsu and, Normi are. Choosing Torrick as it's
father. The being was named Roth and, was Normi's brother, Seeing this, Torrick thinks of a plan to get his own son. Torrick, Normi, and her brother Roth [who had been renamed Appan at the time] went to namek for what Torrick called a "vacation". Unbeknownest to everyone else, Torrick was planning on using the dragonballs there to turn Roth into a full Saiyan for his desire to have a Saiyan son. When he had gathered the Dragonballs, Normi had appeared and confronted him about what he was doing. When the wishs were made and the dragon sent away, Normi was furious that Torrick didnt give Roth any choice and that he'd change him out of a selfish desire. She then attacked Torrick which ended up with Hatsu joining in to protect her. This ended with Torrick transforming into not only a SSJ3, but a Golden Oozaru also, fusing the two forms and making one powerful adversary. Torrick then procceeded to, put it blunty, wipe the floor with them. As Normi then tried to talk to him while she and Hatsu were caught in his grasps, Something was happening to Hatsu while they were distracted. After Torrick injured Normi by slamming her into the ground and blasting her point blank, Hatsu used the same moon Torrick used and transformed as well [Saiyans' tails grow back during a full moon] , matching Torricks power but losing all reason in the process, basically becoming a beast driven by rage that could threaten to destroy the whole planet if not taken down. As they fought, Normi slowly regained consciousness, to witness the two Saiyans surpass her in power YET again. After a blow to his tail, Hatsu reverted back to normal...Only to be revealed in the strongest transformation he could achieve as a Half Saiyan, Super Saiyan 3. Torrick then attacked Hatsu with a suped up version of his Finishing Fire, which Hatsu countered with his Grandfather's attack, Sparking Armageddon, causing both attacks to collide in a beam struggle. Normi then took this time to deal Torrick a blow that would cost him the fight, shooting off his tail causing him to lose power and be overtaken by Hatsu's attack. Torrick seemed to still survive, and proceeded to choke Normi, Normi would then choke Torrick as well the, let off a blast into his face and, begin talking to Torrick. Torrick seemed to break down in tears, not wanting to do any of what he did at all, but did it out of sheer frustaition and, no outlet of emotions causing him to burst out in a fit of rage. After the fight, Torrick reversed his wish after Normi told him that he could decide Roth's fate. He then proceeded to wish for Roth's bond to be lifted so he would not be considered Roth's father. Normi took the last wish, wishing for Torrick's partner, the ORIGINAL Appan, to be brought back to life. Everyone was shocked to find out that Appan was actually a female Saiyan. After some introductions they left Namek in seperate ships. Hatsu, Normi, and Roth heading to earth in Hatsu's three seat pod, and Torrick and Appan heading back in a Namekian ship which would reach earth two days later then Hatsu's ship. After landing on earth Normi would proceed to tease Torrick and, Appan as if somthing were to happen durring the three day trip.
Normi would proceed to go to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber where she would spend five days in, being five years for her. During this process she would use the time to transform into her adult form.

Five years later, Torrick would have a son named Marick, Marick's mother being Appan. They would go to Hatsu's house were they would invite them alonge to a tournament. In the midst of the tournament, Hatsu would face a man with an 'M' on his head, Hatsu would proceed to fight him, suddenly realising he's fighting a
Majin slave. Hatsu would begin to defeat him when five others come out of no were, fighting him as well. He would power up into Super Saiyan 3 only to be peirced by
a device that woudl drain all his power. Torrick, Normi and, Marick would come onto the scene were they would easely over power the foes. After the fight, they notice there is a huge power leval coming from the heights, they head to it expecting the worst. Upon arival of the Hieghts, they since the powerleval is actually coming from with in a moutain, they go into the caves finding out that the moutain has been dug out to suit an army of slaves, creatures of all sorts began attacking the group of fighters each one with there own way of having to be defeated, eventually they find out that the one causing this is a Makyan named Bildye, Bildye was making a majin named Deyru and, he also had used his powers to heal Sulstace a Dahan-Jin Hatsu had faced alone and, thought to of killed, wich he had enslaved and, used as a right hand man.
Torrick, Hatsu, Normi, Marick and, Appan had reached an egg where the Majin was being grown. Out of no were, Hatsu begins to have terrible head pain and, freaking out arguing with him self, Bildye mannges to gain control of Hatsu, and use him as a pawn. Hatsu proceeds to show his new power to Torrick and the others, becoming an Ascended SuperSaiyan3. Normi proceeds to talk to Hatsu, trying to talk to him. Hatsu punches Normi into the wall of the cave, Normi seems fine, but in shock and in tears due to Hatsu's actions. Torrick powers up to SuperSaiyan3 and begins to fight Hatsu. The fight goes on for awhile, before Hatsu begins to argue with him self finally becoming normal again. Sulstace sppears behind Torrick cheap shotting him in a pressure point knocking him out, Sulstace proceeds to fight Normi and, Hatsu.
Normi transforms into her "black widdow form" spawning four extra limbs. Sulstace uses his tail to wrap Normi in a full on grip keeping down all her arms, then proceeds to
rapidly fire 'death beam' like ki blasts into her neck and, chest area. Normi is left cricticaly injured. Hatsu uses and artificial moon to turn into golden oozaru at super saiyan three. Sulstace manages to keep up with him, until realising that Marick had begun transforming into Oozaru, Marick proceeds to attack Hatsu. In turn Hatsu gets him to attack Sulstace. Sulstace counters it and, cuts off Marick's tail, shortly after Bildye would call sulstace to be in the caves, where sulstace would be absorbed into the egg, against his will. Majin Deyru would then hatch, destroying the moutain in the process Deyru would stand looking like Super Buu at this time. Deyru would proceed in conversation to Hatsu and, Torrick (who had finally woke up) asking them who could fight the best. Hatsu explains to Deyru that a powerful being shouldn't have to listen to a weak person like Bildye, in response to this, Deyru would kill Bildye. Hatsu would ask if he was evil, Deyru tells them if he stills gets to destroy "things" he would be good. Hatsu tells him that is the opposite of good, and Deyru attacks while saying to Hatsu "Then I'm Evil". The fight goes on for awhile eventually they all use blast attacks on Deyru seeming to destroy him. Even after three kamehameha's at SSJ3 leval, Deyru formed back via the smoke left of him. Hatsu and, Torrick fuse into Tatsu, going to SSJ4 and, use a move called "Sparking Fire" at SSJ4 levals. Draing their power into this the attack seems to destroy every trace left of Deyru.

A few days later durring a gathering of Normi's distant reletives of her race, Torrick goes after his Saiyan Armour with a red silk cape that Normi's spider like older brother, had made. Uppon getting the cape, Marick tagging along with him. He sees that he has a messege on his old scouter. He would look at it on his Pod's screen. Seeing that it's his father in a distress signal, his father would tell him about a green being who had come to their planet, infecting everyone insight, and also making offsprings of his own.
These beings looking slightly like imperfect cell, but also baring a resemblence to Brood. Torrick would inform Hatsu and, the others of the messege and, also show it to them.
Soon after the group would take a four day trip to the Reffuge Planet. Apon arival would be surounded by Saiyans, one of them being Torricks brother, his brother would inform them that there father was taken by Brood's menions and, last time they knew they were in Furick's (Torrick's Father) throne room, the group heads off to the
throne awaiting any threats there may be, appon arival they would be attacked by offpsprings of brood, easely defeating them. Torrick would look to the throne where a mutated verson of his father would sit, they would proceed to try and reason with him asuming Furick might be in there. The mutated Furick would ashure them there is no Furick and, that it is Brood who is in control. They would proceed to fight. Torrick getting knocked out, Hatsu would charge up to SSJ3 alonge with Norm going into her Black Widdow state, Brood would then go into SSJ4 attacking them making quick of them. Hatsu's attempts at attacking him were slow compared to his attacks. Brood would stun Hatsu and, go after Normi, whom he grabs ripping her extra four arms off. Suddenly a new power leval emerges from the area, Torrick would appear in SSJ4 and, attack Brood. Brood claims to know everything about the saiyan forms because of his fights with them and, his programing. Torrick explains to Brood that he hasn't ever fought a SuperSaiyan 4, and continues to attack him, Torrick rips Broods tail off, leaving Brood compleatly out matched. Brood would leave the body and, attempt to infect Torrick, only to attack the after image of Torrick. Torrick then fires off a Kamehameha wave point blank at brood's imperfect form, leaving no trace of him. Torrick goes to his nearly dead father, and gives him a sensu bean, bringing him back to full health. Torrick explains the past few years and, a few conversations are exchanged, when a near by power leval is detected, Razden would land near by the group. Furick greeting him, Razden explains he was held up by a few of Brood's offsprings. Furick explains to Torrick that Razden came here after trying to befriend Torrick with a "friendly" challenge. Torrick and the rest say there fairwells to the saiyans and, leave the planet headed home. (MORE TO COME)

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Torrick: A Warrior Reborn..
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