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 Rax the Bio-Android

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PostSubject: Rax the Bio-Android   Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:04 pm

Habbo name: Shoji.

Ic name: Rax
Race: Bio-Android
Age: 1
Aura color: Crimson
Personality: Calm, Arrogant, Prideful

- Basic ki attacks and manuvers
- Techniques from past Saiyans
- Regeneration

- Super Saiyan like states except with Silver hair.

Appearance: Long Black Spikey Hair, Crimson eyes, blue skin.

Black longcoat, shirt, pants, fingerless gloves, boots

- Flying

Info: Rax is a Bio-Android made from DNA off all the past Saiyans on earth [and some Namek for regenration]. As such, his power level is very high. He quests to absorb DNA from every Saiyan and Half Saiyan on earth to gain their power and techniques. Since he's made from Saiyan DNA he exibits several traits such as a lust for battle and strong pride.

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Rax the Bio-Android
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