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 Thiago - The half Saiyan. " The Next generation "

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Thiago - The half Saiyan. " The Next generation " Empty
PostSubject: Thiago - The half Saiyan. " The Next generation "   Thiago - The half Saiyan. " The Next generation " Icon_minitimeThu Mar 04, 2010 4:47 pm

Name - Thiago

Bio - Thiago was raised on the streets, and didnt know of his saiyan heritage. He walked the streets like any nomral person, but was faster, and much stronger then his freinds. He has allways wondered why. He is Calm and likes to make jokes, but can get arrogant when in powered up stages, like when he reaches his max out power level, he gets cocky and arrogant. He has met many freinds in his shorty time, like Hatsu, Lexii, Normi, And Torrick. During the Five year period, he was in the amazon, Training extentively against the elemets and enviorment, he has passed Super Saiyan and reached The third and final stage of Super Saiyan one, but even though he's ready to poass one To two, he'd rather not see what horrible event would allow him to do so.

Personality - Joking, Calm, but in the inside is is allways mad about his parents death, And when in his max power level, cocky and arrogant.

Looks - A Brazillian, Around 6'7, wieghs 210, and is 22 years old.

Thiago - The half Saiyan. " The Next generation " Eppr4p

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Moves ------------------------------------------------------------

Rameingoja - The equvilant of a kamehameha, except all white, and disintegrates flesh when in a large cocnecntration.

Togariku - A Final Flash equivalent, he holds two fists, gaining large black orbs of Ki, then slamming them together, making a large beam shoot out.

Raze - While powering up, he belives to be at his weakest, so he released a bubble of white ki, basicaly damaging anything that gets near him, and can even disintegrate those slow enough to be over taken.

Grounded - Balls of white and black Ki flying at near invisible speeds, when all hitting, it can damage you quite a bit.

Normal ki blasts and combo's.
--------------------------------------------------------Specialty Moves-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Domsaru - A Dome of Ki explodes from him everytime he transforms by powering up.

Wall of Ki - His aura becomes a deadly barrier of Ki, but makes his trandformations limited, even his False super Saiyan will become detransformed.
--------------------------------------------------------Powered moves-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Now you see me, now you dont - A flurry of punches, followed by a large kick, witch sends his opponet hudling, then then Flickers behind him/her slams his elbow to them, sends them forward, flickers there, punches him/her in the stomach, holds them on his fist, then kicks him away, followed by a Rameingoja.

Hidden Talent - An insant transmission all around his enemy, but being so fast with it, his enemy seems to stand still, The last transmission is a Large hit followed By a powered up Togariku, and the only thing visible is the enemy being propelled by the powered up Togariku, but the damage is much greater.

Spirit Destroyer - [ Super Saiyan One move ] - He Sends a White spirit Bomb type of attack, not as enviormentally destructive, but like it, Then slams a Black, powered up version of his Rameingoja into it, propelling it at his enemy, destroying them

Ending Flash - [ Super Saiyan one move ] - He powers up his Togariku, making it the equivalent of about 3 Normal Final Flashes in Vegeta`s Maxed out NORMAL Form.

The End. [ Super Saiyan Two move ] - A Spirit Destroyer Ball in Purple, with Silver and black lightning around it, proppeled by and Ending Flash [ Togariku ] That is Silver with a white outline and Black lightning. This move will destroy the environment he's fighting in.
He wears street cloths mostly, But he is occasiounly seen in a black and white karate GI with a orange, lavander and crimsion Emblem.

His transformations-


Annoyed - Kio ken

Mad - Kio ken Times Five

Angry - [ Maxed out power level in normal form ] Basicaly Goku's Kio-ken Times ten.

False Super Saiyan.

Cocky - [ Maxed out power level of his False super Saiyan ] Halfway between his FSSJ and SSJ, He gets cocky and Arrogant.

Super Saiyan.

Golden oozaru. - Super Saiyan one Oozaru. [ Learned it from exapmle, As in Hatsu wanting to show off his skills ]

Advanced Mad - Halfway between Super Saiyan 1 And Two. [ " Super Vegeta " ]

Advanced Cocky - [ Maxed out powerlevel at Super Saiyan 1 ] 3/4th between Super Saiyan 1 And 2. [ " Trunks whe he gets buff " ]

Super Saiyan Two.

Aura - His Aura is a Black outline with a Silver inside.

Theme - Xzibits Motha Motha [ F*cka ]
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Thiago - The half Saiyan. " The Next generation "
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